Sound design, music and audio post production for all platforms, right in the middle of Copenhagen.

We do casting of speakers, speak recording, adr, sound design, music, mastering, mix  pretty much everything in between, in multiple formats.

With experience gained from literally thousands of jobs, we combine creativity with a clear sense of ambition, schedule and budget.

We realise that danish is spoken by few, hence we are used  to acting as language producers, making sure the sync is just right.

With a host of world class actors living in Denmark, we also specialise in ADR and work with studios in Los Angeles, London, New York, Montreal etc.

We accommodate both Source Connect, Teams, Zoom, Skype or any other app you prefer.

We aim to ensure a smooth workflow and never compromise on quality.

Online content, adaptations, advertising,  game sound, corporate, radio, documentaries, series, feature films etc.

We work with film companies, brands, ad agencies, content creators, editors, producers, directors and listen to their needs.

By listening to your needs, we amplify and refine, to make your greatest vision a reality and make your projects shine.